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On this site, the monthly free picture e-Mag “West Australian Rails” that is a photographic record of rail happenings in this state, on a monthly basis is maintained. Each month a new e-mag will be placed on this site, covering the previous month and will be put up for free download. Production of these e-mags only commenced in September 2013 with first sets of e-mags issued covering the January-March, April-June and July-September in a quarterly format. Having the first edition 001, being a bridging edition to provide a link between old West Australian Railscene e-Mag and West Australian Rails. Editions commence from number 01 being January 2013 then 02/03 etc onward’s with each edition covering a calendar month but in a quarterly format till September 2013 issue 009.  Issue 010 onward’s are a monthly format, of some 25 or so pages that as with the previous issues are available for free download.

All 222 issues of West Australian Railscene e-Mag, a free e-mag that covered rail happenings in West Australia  from January 2009 to December 2012 a period of just under four years is also now maintained on this site being available for free download. These magazines proved very popular at the time and in recent months they have not been available on the net or elsewhere, until now. 

All these magazines are copyright Jim Bisdee and all photos in them are also copyright to the individual photographers. These magazines are all of a low resolution image production, really only suitable for viewing in a digital form.


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  1. Are you the Jim Bisdee who spent your childhood at Martin Road, Mundaring. If so, you will recognise my name. Could you phone me please on 9385 3454 or perhaps read today’s death notices first. Cheers Maureen

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