West Australian Rails

West_Australian_Rails_001               West_Australian_Rails_02                West_Australian_Rails_03                  West_Australian_Rails_04                 West_Australian_Rails_05                  West_Australian_Rails_06                West_Australian_Rails_07                  West_Australian_Rails_08                West_Australian_Rails_09                  West_Australian_Rails_10                  West_Australian_Rails_11                  West_Australian_Rails_12 

12 thoughts on “West Australian Rails”

  1. Love your work and you was missed by the rail fraternity in all areas …..not only in WA ,keep up the great work indeed

  2. Congratulations Jim Great to see you back. We have sadly missed the info and photos from the West.
    The new format looks great and hope it makes it easier for you
    good luck and thanks

  3. You covered this idea rather well. Your ideas have caused me to rethink some of my personal views on this subject. You have a persuasive way of writing. Thank you.

  4. good to see your stuff again sitting in the east it is great to see the WA railway’s through your camera keep up the great job

  5. thanks for publishing the magazine jim. it is very much appreciated

  6. Hi Jim,

    Glad to see you up and running again. Hope the health is OK. Great new format with much less stress on you,or better still, no stress at all. Good to see Toad is back keeping us up to date with news from the northwest. Well for us in the east it is.

    Best of luck for the future

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